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The 4 Best Ways To Transport Your Pets

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Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

Are you thinking about moving across the country or around the world with your pet? What options do you have when it comes to transporting your pets? Moving is stressful, and when you put your pet in the mix, it becomes a more daunting task. When choosing the best ways to transport your pets, you should select the safest mode and one that is comfortable for your pet.

Transport Your Pets – 4 Best Ways!

Here are the best four ways you can transport your pet.

#1. By Car

Your car is one of the best ways to transport your dog or cat if you are not traveling for a very long distance. For a dog, the safest way to carry it using a car is by a crate. Anchor the dog’s crate to the vehicle using a seat belt or any other secure means. Restraining the dog in the crate prevents it from roaming around the car, which also can be a distraction to the driver.

Cats, on the other hand, are not comfortable travelling in cars. For their safety, it is good to restrain them in carriers. The cat carrier should be anchored on the car so that it does not bounce around and hut your cat.

Pets should not be carried at the front seat of the car. Deployment of the airbag can injure your pet. Also, their heads should always be inside the vehicle. They can be damaged if they travel, sticking their heads outside the window or get sick.

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#2. By Air

The other way you can use to transport your pet is by air, especially if you are traveling for long-distance or taking an international vacation. However, flying with your pet is not just about showing up at the airport with your pet. Every airline has its rules and regulations when it comes to flying with pets.

Transport Your Pets On Air

It is good to call earlier to know whether your pet can travel in the cabin with you. Many airlines allow small pets in the cabin if they weigh less than 20 pounds with the carrier included. You will also pay an extra fee for the pet.

For the larger pets, they can fly in the cargo area of the airplane, and their kennels must adhere to the regulations set by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The other option, if you can afford, is a charter jet. It is by far the best option to transport your pet.

#3. By Ship

Some cruise lines allow pets in the private cabin. However, the pet must be confined to a kennel the entire trip. Call in advance to know which ships have kennel facilities and what their policies are.

#4. By Train

Many trains, mainly in European countries, allow passengers to bring along their pets on board. However, as a pet owner, you will be responsible for feeding your pet at the station stops.

These are some of the best ways you can transport your pet. Regardless of the method you chose, it is good to ensure the safety of your pet. Also, a health certificate from the vet is required, and proof of the current medications.


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