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5 Quick And Easy Ways To Remove Pet Hairs

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Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

Do you have a pet, either a cat or a dog? If yes, pet hair is something you have to deal with. Sometimes it can be irritating to have pet hair all over your couch, furniture, and your clothes.

This is especially worse during the shedding season. Pet hair can get out of hand. But that does not mean that you get rid of your pet or stop your cuddling pet.

Remove Pet Hairs – 5 Quick and Easy Ways

There are easy and quick ways to remove pet hairs. Follow these easy ways, and pet hairs will no longer be a bother anymore.

Use A Sponge

Using a clean dry kitchen sponge is one of the easiest and quickest ways to remove pet hairs. Your dogs and cats will all over be on your couch or in your bed. That means they will leave their hairs all over your couch. And this can be irritating.

The easiest way to get rid of the hairs is by running a dry kitchen sponge across your couch slowly. Pet hair will, therefore, cling to the sponge and using your hands, you can remove the hairs from the sponge and dump them.

The other alternative is dumping your sponge lightly with some water and rubs the fabric with the sponge. The fur will roll up in clumps that you can easily pick up using your hands. This is a pretty easy and quick way to remove pet hairs.

Use a Rubber Glove

Sing rubber glove is the other trick to remove pet hairs, especially to your furniture. Wear a pair of rubber gloves and rub your hands over the coach or your furniture to pull up the hairs. Rubbing gloves on the surface of the furniture or couch create some tension, and the fur will roll off and get out of the surface to your rubber gloves. With this method, you can easily throw off the pet hairs.

Use Your Moist Hands

Another easier and quicker way to remove unwanted pet hairs is by using your moist hands. Soak your hands in a bowl of water and wipe the pet hairs off your couch and furniture. The pet hairs will pull up and stick to your damp hands.

Your damp hands make the hair to become wet and heavy, and therefore, it is not able to stick to the surface. This is a response to static electricity that helps you collect all pet hairs on your couch or furniture. Here is the article we write about Where Should Your Dog Sleep?

Use A Rubber Broom

Some pet hairs are very stubborn and will stick to all sorts of surfaces. The easiest way to remove such stubborn pet hairs is by using a rubber broom. The trestles cause a static charge that forces hair to jump on to the brush. The other easy option is to use a rubber sole.

If you have a pair of shoes with a rubber sole, you can drag your feet along the carpet or rug, and the hair will bunch up. Lift the hair with your hands and throw it away. Make sure that your rubber shoe sole is clean while doing this. A good dole is for the cowboy boots.

Use A Lint Roller

Lint roller is a must-have for every pet owner. This is because they help in removing pet hairs from your clothes. You can also use a link roller to clean your home. It will help in removing pet hairs from your carpet.

The dog/cat hair sticks to the roller and makes cleaning less frustrating and much easier. If you interact with your pets more often, a lint roller for clothes is more of a basic need. This is especially if you are extra careful of how your clothes look like.


Hair from your dear pets can be very frustrating when it finds its ways to your clothes, couch, furniture or carpet. Use these quick and easy ways to remove pet hairs, and your life will be a little easier.


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