What Sound Does a Peacock Make

What Sound Does a Peacock Make?

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Peacocks are unique-looking birds with long bright tails that will dazzle even the blind! For such magnificent-looking eyes, they are loud; trust us, the sounds you hear them make in the zoo is half of what they are capable of. So, that brings us to the question of what sounds peacocks make.

We will explore the different sounds a peacock makes and the meaning behind each in subsequent sections. Keep reading.

What Noise Does a Peacock Make?

What Noise Does a Peacock Make

Please make no mistake; peacocks are noisy and can be very loud when kept in small groups! They make different unique high-pitched sounds, some of which sound like a baby’s cry or a cat’s meow. Lest we forget, there is also a matter of their honking sound that sounds like the car’s horn. 

Now that you know a little about the noises a peacock makes let’s look at what each means.

Common Peacock Noises and Their Meanings

Like most animals, peacocks make a wide range of noises, and each has a specific meaning. It could be a warning sound, mating call, or old-fashioned communication. Let’s delve deeper into the everyday peacock noises and their meaning.


You will often hear the honking sound from the beginning of spring through summer (the peacock’s mating season). When peacocks make the honking sound, it is almost always to get the female’s attention for mating purposes.

Think of it as their sexual cry; yeah, I know. They honk directly at the female and shuffle around her to indicate their mating interests.

Mating in animals aims to show off and attract the opposite sex. The peacock makes this more than possible with all of its loud honks.

Train Rattle

Yes, you heard right. One of the sounds a peacock makes sounds precisely like the rattling of a train. Like the peacock honk, this sound is also a mating cry. Usually, peacocks will give off this sound and fluff their long tails and feathers to get the peahen’s attention.

The peacock’s train rattling noise produces a vibration in the air that peahens can pick up. Usually, the peahen goes for the most impressive male.

Baby Cry

Baby Cry

Peacocks and peahens have many predators, so they are always on the lookout. Once the peacock spots a predator, it lets out a high-pitched screaming sound that crosses between a baby’s cry and the cat’s meow. This cry gets the peafowl sprinting for cover in nearby trees and buildings.

Most people do not like keeping peafowls on their properties with all the noise they make. However, a few farmers claim to love these birds because they are adept at spotting danger and alerting other farm birds of the impending danger.


Some people refer to the peacock’s cry as screaming. This is one of the most peculiar bird calls I have ever heard. The peacock screaming carries a lot of messages; it could be a random conversation, a danger call, or even the beginning of a mating cry.

However, one thing is sure; you don’t want to live close to where these birds stay; the constant high-pitched noises would have you on edge. Then again, some people seem to love such environments, so it comes down to your preference at the end of the day.

Why Do Peacocks Make Noise at Night?

Peacocks are noisier at night than during the day. There are many possible reasons for this, one of which is the breeding season. During their breeding seasons, peacocks tend to mate loudly in the night, disturbing the neighbors’ peace.

However, since the breeding season is only from March to August, it is not the only reason for the noisy nights.

Do Female Peacocks Make Noise?

Do Female Peacocks Make Noise

It can be tempting to assume those female peacocks are quiet, but that assumption is wrong. Both sexes make noise and are equally loud. The peacock, from my experience, is probably more piercing than the female peafowl.

Before we go further, let us clear up something. Male and female peacocks are known as peafowls. Like domestic fowls, the male peafowls are called peacocks, while female peafowls are peahens.

How Do You Quieten a Peacock?

Many people want to raise peacocks but can’t stand the constant noises they make. In response, there are so many theories on how to quieten peacocks. The reality is that playing a radio close to them and spraying them with water won’t quieten these birds, and it is sad to try.

If you choose to raise these birds, you must embrace their noises as a part of them, just like how you eat, move, and dance.

Check with your local office to see if peacocks are allowed in your area before you take these birds on. You will also need to let your neighbors know that you are thinking of raising these aves and see what they have to say.


Different people have different names they call the peacock noises, but all agree that the peacock is loud. In the zoo, their noise is in the background and a far cry from the actual pitch and cries you will experience if you raise a couple of peacocks on your farm. We have outlined the everyday peacock noises and what they mean.

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