Facts About Pomchi Puppies

10 Facts About Pomchi Puppies

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A Pomchi is a cross-breed dog of Pomeranian and Chihuahua breeds. This mixed breed accumulates the characteristics of both the parent breeds in its physicality, behaviour and health. The Pomchi dogs are as playful, energetic and affectionate as their parents and can fill their master’s life with immense joy.

Pomchi can also be addressed by other names like Pomahuahua, Chi-Pom and Chimeranian. Despite being a designed breed, you can find healthy Pomchi pups in responsible shelters like Puppy Heaven. So, if you are willing to adopt one to give them a better life, open puppyheaven.com in a new window to find out every essential detail.

10 Essential Facts About Mixed-Breed Pomchi Puppies

As mentioned earlier, this breed descends some of the best features of their dam and sire. From their appearance to their nature, let’s take a look at the 10 essential facts about Pomchi Puppies.

1. Relation with their owners

As the dam and sire are a Pomeranian and Chihuahua, Pomchi puppies are as affectionate with the owners as their parents. They are harmless and friendly to the kids and even strangers, so they are controllable for novice owners. The most interesting fact is that they can even adapt to a stranger’s dog pretty quickly.

2. Adaptability with accommodation

Pomchi puppies are great for small accommodation, especially for apartments. They are known to be indoor dogs especially because their parents are. That is why, if you live with a small family and in a small house, Pomchi can be a pondering option. However, no matter how small the accommodation is, one must keep them company as they have average tolerance for being alone.

3. Climate and weather adaptability

Pomchi puppies can tolerate hot weather but are quite inadaptive to cold weather. Therefore, we cannot see much of this breed being pet by people living in colder regions. So, if you live in a hot and humid country or city, you do not need to worry much about your dog’s maintenance if you pet a Pomchi.

4. Weight, size and Overall health

Their weight stands somewhere in the middle of their dam and sire. Depending on the dominant parent, their weight and size vary, but ultimately it is the same as a Pomeranian and Chihuahua. However, they have the potential to gain weight over time if their hearty appetite is satisfied and have overall great general health.

5. Energy and playfulness

Needless to say, Pomchi puppies are really playful and indulge in vigorous activities and all credit goes to their parents’ traits. However, they do not possess the requisite energy to complement their intense activities. That is why they need the training to tame down the intensity and channel the playfulness properly.

6. Needs for physical activities

As we mentioned earlier, the energy level of Pomchi puppies does not satisfy their vigour. In addition, they can gain too much weight by the time for their hearty appetite. Therefore, training them is a must for both to tame down their intensity and make them physically fit, energised and active.

7. Shedding and drooling

Pomchi shed their fur pretty well so they need grooming quite often. They are usually well-behaved in the vet, being easy to groom than other breeds. However, luckily, they do not drool a lot or in other words, drool too little to bother. It is another reason why this breed can be good for kids to be around and handled by novice owners.

8. Trainability and intelligence

Pomchi is an easy-to-train, intelligent breed and quite adaptive to their trainers. The puppies are quite affectionate to their master which also makes it easy to teach them smaller activities like sitting, getting a treat or fetching things. They are also keen on rewards which makes it easy to train them with a little bribe of ham.

9. Barking and biting tendencies

Puppies have a high potential for mouthiness regardless of their breed. Moreover, Pomchi puppies are more potent than others as they inherit the traits of their dam and sire. However, most of their bites are playful and affectionate towards their owner instead of being rageful. In addition, they are prone to bark and howl.

10. Prey and wondering drive

They have quite a good prey drive and wanderlust which I can rate 3 to 3.5 out of 5. They love to go outdoors, find new places, catch prey and explore challenges. Their free spirit is not like Nordic breeds; however, it is suitable for warm weather.


So, these are the essential facts about Pomchi puppies that you must know before you decide to bring them home. Now that you are well-known for their health and traits, you can check out a reliable shelter like Puppy Heaven. You can find healthy puppies in here to pick a furry joy for your home.

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