How to Find Scam Free Pets

How to Find Scam Free Pets?

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Last Updated on March 9, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

Are you searching for a pet now? With online scams on the rise, pet scams are no exception. Many people use the internet for shopping in today’s digital world, including finding a new pet.

You should be aware of pet scams that lure you with beautiful photos online where you end up sending your money to fraudsters and never receiving your pet.

These scammers position themselves as reputable breeders, and if you are not careful enough, list easy to fall on their traps. Knowing how these pet scams work will help you find scam-free pets.

Here some of the ways on how you can get yourself scam-free pets.

How do the Pet Scams work?

According to the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), these are some of the ways pet scams work.

They offer a free pet for sale

Most shoppers search for cheap or free animals for sale or dogs/ kittens for sale. These scammers start fake pet shipping websites and state that they offer a free pet that attracts most shoppers. 

They then offer a discounted or standard shipping price so that they can ship the pet for you. This attracts you more because of the cost you’re going to incur shipping costs only. They give false information on why they are giving the pet away, and they can state something like they are giving it away because it was for a child who passed on.

They ask for additional money

The scammers will go ahead to ask for additional money to cover additional costs like shipping insurance, paperwork, and other things. Knowing that this is how pet scammers work, you will not fall for their traps.

Keep an Eye for Animal Sell Red Flags

You can find scam-free pets by checking out animal sell red flags, which include things like;

  • A seller using stock photos of dogs or kittens
  • Seller asking for unusual payment methods
  • The cost is too good to be true
  • The emails from the seller have poor spelling and grammar

Do Your Research

Do your research on what reputable breeders are charging for the breed you’re interested in. It would be best if you were skeptical of the huge discounts offered.

 Research the pictures of the pet you are considering buying or adopting. If the image appears on multiple websites, then most likely you’re dealing with a scammer. Search the seller’s email and website online to see if the person is subject to complaints.

Analyze Reviews and Referrals

A trusted company or selling pets should have ample positive reviews and referrals s from satisfied shoppers. This proves they are legitimate and reputable sellers. Also, question and try to talk on the phone or video calls if you cannot meet the breeder or seller in person.

  Ask for proof of health records and screening and about the pet’s parent. The way they answer the questions will help you judge if they are legit sellers.

Go to Your Local Reputable Pet Store

The easiest way to find scam-free pets is by visiting your reputable local pet store and adopt your pet. Instead of buying a pet online, considering your local pet store may save you from online pet scammers.

Pet scams are rising every day especially during this pandemic where people are looking for pets to give them company during the quarantine. These are some of the ways you can find scam-free pets and escape the traps of pet scammers.

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