5 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets

Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets
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Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

Are you discerning of having a pet anytime soon? If you are not a fun of cats or dogs, then guinea pigs should be your option. Also known as a cavy, a guinea pig is a rough-haired and short-tailed rodent that originates from South America. For years, it has been one of the exotic pets, and if you are considering having a pet for the first time, the guinea pig will make a great one.

Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets: 5 Reasons

Here are five reasons why guinea pigs make great pets

They Require Minimal Care

Guinea pigs require very minimal care. With freshwater, hay, fresh vegetables, and pelleted food, you are good to go. Apart from feeding them, their crate needs to be spot cleaned every day and thoroughly every week. Also, guinea pigs do not need to be spayed or neutered. Here we write a list of 10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog.

Not unless your pet becomes ill, the veterinary costs are very minimal. One noble thing about guinea pigs is that they do not need a regular bath or grooming unless their hair is very long. However, remember to clip their nails once every three weeks.

They are Not Destructive

One of the best things about guinea pig is that they will not destroy your house. They don’t bite; they don’t chew on your furniture or tear your carpet. They are afraid to do anything of that sort.

In case they try to do it, you will catch them as they are about to do something destructive because their actions are slow. The worst thing a guinea pig can do is to poop on your floor. Put some towels on the floor to avoid such accidents.

Guinea Pigs

They Live a Long Life

Compared to other lesser creatures, guinea pigs have a noticeably long life of about 4-10 years. That is unlike rats, hamsters, and grebes which live for 2-3 years on average. Since guinea pigs are friendly pets for children and have a longer lifespan, as a parent, you should be prepared to take care of the pig even when your kids are grown up.

Guinea Pigs are Unique

Guinea pigs have different personalities that make them unique pets. Some are very friendly; others are shy, daring, or dominant. It is, therefore, crucial to interact with a guinea pig before selecting one in a pet store or rescue home. That will ensure that you go back with a pet whose personality matches your expectations.

Guinea Pigs are Low-priced

Guinea pigs are very cheap. You can adopt them at a very reasonable price. You can also buy them from the pet stores. Since there are many orphaned guinea pigs in a rescue home, by adopting one, you will be saving a life. Cages of the guinea pigs are also not expensive, especially if you build it your own.


These are some of the reasons why guinea pigs make great pets. With less care and reduce costs, you will never regret having a guinea pig as your pet.


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