Ways to Take Care of a Cat

5 Ways to Take Care of a Cat

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Last Updated on June 25, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

With their cute adorable faces, playful traits, and affectionate behavior, cats make an ideal pet to add to your home. Have you come across cat blogs or cats on Instagram, and all you wished is owning one?

A cat can be a great companion. You can cuddle it or have it sit on your laps. Unlike other pets, it is relatively low maintenance and very independent. You only need to train your cat to use a litter box, and you don’t have to walk it.

Thus, cats are ideal for people with busy lifestyles. However, to keep your cat always happy and healthy, you need to know some care tips to give it the best environment and life.

Here are 5 ways to take care of your cat:

Groom Your Cat Regularly

While cats are known to groom themselves, regular brushing or combing will be of great help. It helps remove dead and loose hairs from their coat and prevent your cat from ingesting them when self-grooming.

Brushing your cat’s fur also gives you a chance to notice any abnormalities on their skin that you wouldn’t see if you don’t brush them. For example, you may notice some lumps, bumps, or sore areas, which your veterinarian should check.

If your cat has long fur, brush it several times a week, and if the hair is short, one time in a week is enough. Grooming your cat regularly also reduces the amount of shedding.

When you regularly follow some cat blogs, it will help to get the new grooming techniques.


Giving your cat the right food and fresh water will keep it healthy and happy. Cats’ foods are of different types: dry foods, semi-moist foods, and canned foods. While dry foods are easy to store, don’t feed your cat with too much dry food.

It contains large amounts of carbs, which can cause type 2 diabetes. Instead, replenish fresh water for your cat every day. Place your cat’s food and water in a quiet place where it can feed peacefully with no disturbance.

Have Enough Litter Boxes

Every indoor cat will require a litter box and be trained on how to use it. It would help if you placed it in a quiet, accessible place. If your house has many floors, have a litter box on all the floors to avoid moving the litter box all the time.

The more cats you have, the more litter boxes you will need. Also, clean the litter box every day because cats are very clean and will not use a dirty litter box.

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying your female cats and neutering the male cats is one way to prevent diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Consult with your vet to know the best time to spay or neuter the kittens to avoid infections and pet overpopulation.

Also, schedule regular vet visits to learn potential feline diseases early enough and to maintain a healthy weight for your cat.

Provide a Scratching Post for Your Cat

Cats are wired to scratch, which helps to keep their claws sharp and smooth. By scratching, the older later of your cat’s claws are removed and keeps the caws polished.

Since you don’t want the cat to scratch on your furniture, provide a sturdy scratching post or pad covered with a rough material like sisal or carpet and train your cat to use it.

Taking care of your cat is a relatively simple task. Providing the right food, freshwater, grooming it regularly, and scheduling frequent visits to the vet will keep your cat healthy and happy.

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