Benefits Of A Snuffle Mat For Your Dog

Benefits Of A Snuffle Mat For Your Dog
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Last Updated on September 27, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

Looking after their adorable dogs goes beyond keeping them fit, fed and watered for many pet parents. Dogs need mental enrichment too.

They require entertaining activities to make their brains function effectively and to quench their wanderlust. That’s why the scuffle mat is necessary.

Pet parents can meet these dog needs in many ways with the numerous enrichment pet toys in the market today.

But of these enrichment toys, the scuffle matstands out. These mats are recent innovations and might be what your pet needs to be mentally active.

This leads us to the question, why does your dog need a snuffle mat?

Why Your Dog Needs a Snuffle Mat

1. It eliminates the consequences of speedy eating

Pets that inhale their foods always serve as points of concern to their owners. Gastric dilatation volvulus, also known as bloat, is a severe health issue where the stomach or intestine expands.

This usually results in a twist of the dog’s abdomen—breathing in excess air when eating can result in severe conditions. The dog can go into shock, making the condition to be fatal.

Bloat is an ailment experienced by all dog breeds, but it is experienced mainly by the deep-chested dogs, overweight dogs and dogs notorious for speedy guzzling.

The standard recommendation for preventing bloat in your dog is to feed it with smaller portions of food. You can also get a slow-feeding tool, like slow feeding bowls and food puzzles.

Another perfect option is the scuffle mat. This encourages your dog to unwrap its food. The outcome of this option is that it helps your pet eat slowly, thereby reducing the danger of bloat.

2. It helps combat boredom in your pup

If your dog is bored, it can start displaying nasty habits, like chewing, digging and barking. You can prevent this behaviour by providing your pet with enrichment and stimulating plays.

Get a snuffle mat to create a reward and excitement for your dog. Let your dog labour a little for its food – after all, it is in a dog’s DNA to search and hunt for food. This also engages their sense of smell and gives it a little test.

3. Provides the right entertainment for physically challenged dogs

Dogs have one of the best smelling skills, and they can sniff out almost anything, including delicious treats. A dog’s nose has about 300,000,000 (three hundred million) olfactory receptors, while humans have approximately 6,000,000 (six million).

This means that even if your favourite dog has lost its sight, get it a snuffle mat to brighten its day. It also lets the dog show off other superior senses and qualities that it has.

Even if your dog is recovering from surgery and has difficulties running, you can get a snuffle mat to encourage stimulation on its dreary day.

How to Use a Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is easy to use. Just scatter your dog’s favourite toys on the rug and let it do the rest for some designs. Other designs are intricate and may require more effort from you when hiding your dog’s meal in the nook and corners of the rug.

Keep It Clean

After your dog meals, ensure you shake the snuffle mat well to remove any undiscovered feed. If yours is washable, you can wash it with your washing machine.

Note that you need to wash the snuffle mat once every two weeks or more frequently if your dog is a heavy drooler.

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