Ants Out Of Dog Food Container

How To Keep Ants Out Of Dog Food Container?

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Last Updated on February 9, 2021 by Pauline G. Carter

Ants are one of the smartest scavengers around. They detect any food particles from a distance away. Unfortunately, if there is any food in a dog’s container, they will always come in large numbers to feast. When this happens, there are high chances your dog won’t enjoy the food. Remember, your dog is not an anteater.

Therefore, you should always keep its food from being invaded by ants. In that regard, there following are some of the natural ways you can use to keep your dog food ant-free.

Keep Ants Out Of Dog Food Container

Store your dog’s food in sealed containers

First and foremost, always ensure you store your dog’s food in a sealed container. Look for the best airtight dog food container and use it to store wet foods. Once your dog has finished eating, you can refrigerate the leftovers. Having done this, you can mop up any food droppings or greasy juices that may have fallen on the ground. This will prevent the ant trails from evading your dog’s food.

Create a moat barrier

Creating a moat around your dog’s food bowl prevents the hungry ants from accessing the food. You can place food container in a pan of water. The pan should not be that deep. Setting the moat is usually easy and fast. Also, you can use two containers for that purpose. One container should be larger than the other.

Place the smaller container attached with brick or stone inside the larger container. Add water into the larger container to serve as a moat. Use the smaller container to store your pet’s food. The stone helps to raise the smaller container above the water level.

Use ant proof pet dishes

Several ant repellant dishes are available for purchase. These dishes have been proven to be effective in preventing the hungry ants from attacking your pet’s food. Also, these dishes are designed both for indoor usage and outdoor. Therefore, you can choose the right type of dish that best suits your dog.

Use ant repellants such as peppermint oils

Repellants such as peppermint oil are very useful in driving away ants. In most cases, ants and other related pests are always guided by their sense of smell. Therefore, if you spray peppermints oil around your food containers, it will bungle their olfactory operations completely. That will prevent them from invading your dog’s meal.

Cinnamon is also another great repellant that you can consider. Ants hate the cinnamon smell. Therefore, you can use ground cinnamon and sprinkle around the paths or their hole.Other common ant repellants include black pepper, vinegar, lemon juice, and cayenne.


Dog’s food contains a particular concentration of fats which attracts a massive colony of ants. When this happens, your dog is more likely to lose appetite. Therefore, it is our responsibility to keep the food containers of our dogs free from ant infestation. The points as mentioned above, therefore, will work best for you. Remember, maintaining dogs feeding containers clean makes them stay healthy, stronger, and happier.


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