Faverolles Chicken Breed Information, Characteristics, Temperament

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Faverolles Chicken originated from the Houdan and Faverolles villages in North-Central France in 1860s, where it was named after the latter village. They were crossed from several hens’ breeds such as Dorking, Brahma, Crevecoeur, Houdan, Coucou de Rennes, and Cochin.

French-bred them purposely as a utility fowl – used as egg and meat sources- but now they are mainly used for exhibition.

This chicken breed reached the United Kingdom in 1886. British breeders developed this breed into a more regal epitome than their German and French counterparts to further meet exhibition standards. They now have longer and higher tail feathers than them.

Faverolles Chicken | Breed Profile

Faverolles Chicken
Country of origin:France
Primary use:Ornamental
Weight:Male: 5.0 kg, Female: 4.3 kg
Temperament:Gentle, Docile
Recognized varieties:Salmon, White
Egg production (annual):240
Egg color:Light brown, Pinkish
Egg size:Medium
Comb type:

Characteristics Of The Faverolles Chicken

They are classified as a massive fowl, and dual-purpose- egg layer and meat producer. This continental chicken breed is also great to use as ornamental and as a cock fighter.

This chicken breed possesses pinkish legs, five toes, and has feathered feet that are concentrated on the outer toe. Its fifth toe is noticeably pointed upward.

It has an impressive beard and muffling, square, and broad body with small wings and short neck, single upright comb broad, and round heads carrying reddish bay eyes.

There are three common types of this Faverolles breed – the French, the German, and the British. Known colors are black, blue, buff, cuckoo, ermine, salmon, and white. The most common variety is the Salmon.

Female Salmon’s plumage is mainly brown and creamy white while males have darker, having black, and brown and straw-colored feathers. This chicken breed was the primary producer of eggs during that time in that French area.

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Behavior/ Temperament/ Use

This chicken breed’s temperament is gentle and docile that makes them the right children pets. They can be considered the quietest breed so far. Their friendliness and gentleness make them bully-prone when mixed with other chicken breeds.

They are also active and love to run around in either close or open range living conditions. They make good mothers as they are broody, especially during winter. Runners as they are, they are not a flier, so they do not require a high fence.

Faverolles Chickens for sale need high quality feeds to maximize its meat production. Aside from its meat, cockfighting abilities, and ornamental qualities, it is also a productive layer of 4 eggs per week or 240 eggs annually.

It’s light brown or pinkish eggs are media. Male British Faverolles’ averagely weigh 5 kilos while females weigh 4.3 kilos averagely.

What We Liked/Pros

  • Multi-purpose – for egg, meat, ornament and show.
  • Excellent egg layers especially during winter.
  • Great home pet for kids and the whole family.
  • They can bear confinement or open range.
  • Docile, broody, quiet and friendly in nature.

What We Don’t Like/Cons

  • There is no reason why you should not raise this chicken breed.

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