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Welsummer Chickens Breed

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Developed around the 1900s, the Dutch breed, Welsummer Chickens, are named from the village of Welsum, Holland. It was originally produced in an area north of Deventer in Holland, along the YselRiver.

Dutch chicken breeders developed the breed from chicken breeds such us the Cochin, Wyandotte, Leghorn, Barnevelder and also the Rhode Island Red. It is a mixture of wonderful chicken breeds, complying with the American Standard of Perfection way back in 1991.

Welsummer Chicken | Breed Profile

Welsummer Chicken

Country of origin:
Primary use:Ornamental
Weight: Male:Standard: 2.75–3.25 kg Bantam: to 1300g, Female: Standard: 2.0–2.5 kg Bantam: to 1000 g
Temperament:Friendly, Intelligent
Recognized Varieties:Partridge, Silver Duckwing, Gold Duckwing
Egg production (annual):180
Egg color:Dark brown
Egg size:Large
Comb type:Single

Characteristics Of The Welsummer Chickens

The Welsummer chicken is a large dual-purpose bird. It is extremely popular because of its production of colorful eggs. It is light in color in shades of rustic-red and orange colors. There are variations of color as well; Silver Duckwing, Gold Duckwing, and Partridge.

Another variety is the Bantam Chicken. The Welsummer Chicken lays light-brown eggs. The Welsummer is classified as being a top free-ranging forager out of all the laying chicken breeds. Their eggs are one of their top selling points.

Not all strains of the Welsummer Chicken will lay such dark eggs. Generally, Welsummer eggs are a deep rich terra-cotta-brown coloring and speckled. You can expect around 4 to 5 eggs every week, but they do slow down their egg laying in winter.

The chicks too are healthy in comparison to other chicken breeds. The females have a darker head with back markings that make them different from the males. That makes them easy to recognize. The rooster will weigh around 2.75 to 3.25 kg with the hen weighing approximately 2.0 to 2.5 kg.

They stand upright, are full-breasted with a large and full tail. The shanks and skin of the birds are yellow. Their standard coloring is red partridge, but the male chicken’s plumage is different from the females.

The head, saddle, and neck of the male birds are a golden-brown color their backs, wing front and their wing bows are bright red-brown in color. The females have a lighter shaft, and each of the back feathers is red-brown and dotted with black. They have a single comb. Their legs are not feathered.They are incredibly colorful birds. The Kellogg’s box chicken rooster is reckoned to be a Welsummer rooster. The Welsummer chicken, for many people, does represent a typical traditional farmyard chicken look.

Behavior / Temperament

Very friendly and intelligent – also calm bird, not tending towards skittishness. They love free ranging and foraging around for food, but they also seem to tolerate being kept in runs. They don’t go broody often and don’t seem to make perfect mothers. They usually can tolerate all kinds of climates.

Pros and cons of the welsummer chicken …


  • Full of color.
  • Meat producers.
  • Hardy.
  • Calm and friendly.
  • Forage well, love free ranging.
  • Have a long laying season


  • Can be loud, so not too suitable for the back yard.
  • Being lovers of free-ranging, you might need to search around for the eggs.

Is Welsummer Chicken the right choice for you?

Being an all-rounder type of chicken, the Welsummer is a right choice because:

  • They are dual purpose birds, meat producers, and egg producers.
  • They are hardy.
  • They love to free range and are excellent foragers.
  • Welsummer chickens are kind of hardy birds except for the rooster because they’ve got large single combs and can suffer from frostbite on their combs if the weather is icy cold. The hens have smaller combs than the roosters.
  • The Welsummer Chicken is reportedly a bright, intelligent chicken breed. They are good flyers and are especially thoughtful, having the mental capacity to solve problems when they encounter them.
  • If you have a flock of Welsummer chickens on your farm, you can expect a whole range of egg colors. However, a Welsummer from a different breeder or with a different bloodline will produce different egg colors. That will depend on the skills of the breeder – he will be able to shift chicken egg colors to create the light or the dark eggs. It is all about the selection-pressure that it put on the flock of chickens. Some people will only hatch spotted eggs because that’s what they believe are the real Welsummer eggs.
  • All around, as far as Welsummer chickens for sale goes, you get fantastic chickens, showing plenty of friendliness and very little nervous skittishness. They would make the right choice for anyone looking to getting into breeding with chickens.


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