Give Your Dog Extra Nutrition with these Great Meal Toppers

Give Your Dog Extra Nutrition with these Great Meal Toppers

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Dogs are mostly driven by food. If you are like the majority of dog owners, you have taught your dog to eat at specific times of the day. One of the simplest methods to make sure your dog is healthy, well-fed, and well-behaved is to establish a regular eating schedule.

Dogs on regular feeding schedules know when their next meal will be, and they typically finish their food bowls quickly. It can be challenging to determine your dog’s actual state of fullness. Especially considering that dogs are considered “scavengers” in an evolutionary sense.

Many dogs don’t understand when to stop eating when given the option and, if given a chance, will consume an entire Costco-sized bag of dog food. This can be risky for pet owners who constantly refill their food bowls throughout the day. Dog food toppers are the finest choice for this.

What is Kibble or Dog Food Meal Toppers?

The top layer of dog food is topped with kibble or meal toppers. They may consist of succulent beef cuts or a combination of meat, veggies, and fruit. Toppers can be purchased dry or wet, depending on the manufacturer, in little packets or bags. If you’re making your toppings, you can keep them in your refrigerator or use their ingredients.

What are the Benefits of Kibble or Dog Food Toppers?

Dogs benefit from toppings because they provide their kibble with an additional burst of nutrition or moisture. A great kibble topper has a delicious flavour that is very appealing and attracts fussy eaters. The greatest toppings can be used as whole meals, desserts, or meal toppers for various purposes.

Increased hydration and adding protein to your dog’s diet are two advantages of utilising a topper in their meal.

Best Meal Toppers

There are numerous options, but how precisely do you utilise kibble toppers? It’s mostly not too complicated. Pouring a topper on top of or mixing it right into your dog’s kibble is the easiest way to add one.

To maximise the benefits for your dog, it’s important to keep in mind the composition of the topping you’re feeding. It would help if you had to pay attention to how much and how often you provide it. Here are a few top choices.

Rolled Food Toppers

Pet owners who seek the advantages of a raw food diet more easily can consider rolled meals. Food rolls are great for adding hydration to your dog’s diet because they are semi-moist. Each Farmer, Pete’s meal roll contains more than 40% fresh beef, lamb, or chicken. They are a simple way to provide your dog with a nourishing, high-protein supper.

Their food retains essential minerals and nutrients since it is made with good ingredients and prepared to utilise a low-temperature cooking method. They can be used as a whole feed meal, a simple kibble topper, or when cubed or shredded.

Wet Kibble Toppers

Wet kibble toppings often contain chunks of proteins in a broth or sauce, while some may include veggies for added nutrition. Giving your dog a damp kibble topper is a wonderful method to increase the amount of water in their food, especially if they have a specific diet or are prone to dehydration.

They can be put immediately on top of their dry meal and are typically sold in packages. If your pet is a light eater, this is a fantastic option. Be aware of the contents and select a bone broth or gravy free of additives, excessive salt, or sugar, as they can have negative effects.

Dried Meal Toppers

Choose from various dry meal toppers, offering freeze-dried and air-dried options! Both provide excellent nutritional advantages of a conventional ancestral diet, such as a raw diet, in a simple, handy form.

They are dehydrated by a process that moistens the meat while keeping its nutrients intact, unlike wet kibble toppers. Imagine a freshly prepared steak that has been dried out without excessive temperatures.

If your dog requires additional hydration in its food, always have fresh water on hand. You might even want to add water to the topper to rehydrate it. While adding water is not required, if your dog is prone to dehydration, be sure to speak with your veterinarian.

Make The Right Decision For Your Dog’s Toppings

It depends on your dog which meal topping they prefer! The best option is always one that has passed a sniff and munch test, like Farmer Pete’s. Of course, it’s always wise to speak with your veterinarian before giving a new topper if you’re unsure based on your dog’s current diet.

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